Air-Flow Games

Our Air-Flow Games are very unique and you are unlikely to see many of these around.

All of them are based on the 'jet' of air that keeps the ball up in the air for the game to be played.


Air Coconut Shye

Balance a ball on the air of each of the 4 holes and then the player uses another 4 or 6 balls to try and knock as many off their stream of air as possible.

Sounds easy but as the balls are also going slightly up and down on their 'stream' it's definitely a case of 'a lot harder than it looks'.



Air Baseball

Balance the ball on the air stream from either of the two cones (one is higher than the other for different children and adults) then take the baseball bat and try and hit the ball in to one of the holes at the back.

Not as easy as it sounds as the ball moves slightly up and down on it's stream of air.

So if you thought it was bad enough trying to hit a ball with a thin bat try hitting a ball that's going up and down with a thin bat!! lol


Air Race

Two people start from the same end with one ball balancing on the stream of air that comes out of the cone.

Now by bending the cones slightly towards one another you have to try and 'pass' the ball from one cones air stream to the next cones air stream.

Once you get to the end you have to bend the last cone slowly towards the Winners Cup which is at the end of the cones.

An addictive game which is suitable for any age as long as they have steady hands and patience.


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Air Coconut Shye The ball floats on the stream of air.
Althogether there are 4 balls to aim at. Easier said than done to hit a floating ball.  lol
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