Assault/Obstacle Courses


68ft Assault Course

Our fantastic Jungle themed Assault Course is 68 feet long and suitable for absolutely anybody of any age.

So that means that even big kids (commonly called adults) can have great fun on this Inflatable.

Once you go through the holes at the start you come face to face with the animals that are on the Biff & Bash sections. The first section come up from the floor and the second section come down from the roof.

To get to the second section of Biff & Bash you have to squeeze through the 'letter box' (easier said than done when you're a 40 plus person who hasn't been on an Inflatable since you were 8!!).

Once you're through the second holes you come face to face with the 'stepping stones' that go up to the top of the slide.

Woo Hoo, Nearly there.

Now all you have to do is slide down the slide to the other end and you're the winner (that is of course if the other person / people haven't overtaken you when you where trying to get through the 'letter box'!!

Brilliant fun for everyone but obviously the kids keep on going and going and going where as you'll probably find that the adults would rather go in 30 minute rota's!!



36ft Assault Course

This is a more condensed version of the 68ft Assault Course with all the same obstacles but all within 36 feet.

So if your garden or venue isn't big enough to have the big one then at least you know you can have the smaller version.



Princess Fun Run

Princess Fun Run

9.5'w x 28'l x 11'h

Jump through either of the holes at the front and then you can have a jump around, hit the 2 Biff & Bash or just run up the Stepping Stones which take you to the top of the slide. Slide down the back of the Fun Run and then run around to the front and start again.

Suitable for children up to age 12 the Fun Run's are very popular and fantastic if you want something a bit different but haven't got a huge area to fill.

Absolutely gorgeous for the little (or big) girls at any event. The Princess Castle Slide also has lovely artwork (please go to the Bouncy Castle page to see photo's of it) and with Princess' and Fairies all over it.


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Assault Course - 68'x12'x14'  The view of the top of the Biff & Bash section from the top of the slide.
This Biff & Bash section is hanging down from the beams at the top. And a couple of the 'down' Biff & Bash.
Just a few of the 'up' Biff & Bash. Just some of the fantastic artwork on the side of the slide.
Girls AND Boys love this great Inflatable. The Stepping Stones inside lead up to the slide at the back.
28'l x 9.5'w  x 11'h

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