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We have a huge range of Bouncy Castles for hire to suit every age and function from Jungle Book, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, Champagne, Party, Hello Kitty, Toy Story, Spiderman, Princesses, Winnie the Pooh and the Land Before Time.

All our inflatables carry yearly Rpii tests, all of our electrical items and leads carry PAT certs and we have 5 Million Public Liability Insurance (Basic minimum excepted by Cheshire County Council). We know there are cheaper about but we are certain they will not carry all the above.

Safety is paramount while supplying to your children or event.

All our Inflatables can be used in or outdoors but please make sure of the height of the room before booking and also whether the venue is allowed to have Inflatables inside.


Bouncy Castle with Olympic Rings and UK Flag Banners Bouncy Castle with UK Flag Banners

Be patriotic at your special Event in 2013.


News Flash!

We now manufacture our own castles and can brand the front two towers in any theme you would like.

Call us for a quote.

Tower Branding so far:

British Flag,


Toy Story,




Winnie the Pooh,

'Land Before Time' dinosaurs,

Harry Potter,

Hello Kitty,

Champagne/Party and

'Pirate's of the Caribbean' Pirate theme's

We can also do personalised branding for an extra fee.


Alternatives to Bouncy Castles:

Princess Fun Run

Princess Fun Run

Crazy Cottage or Galleon (Pirate Ship)

Crooked Cottage Galleon Pirate Ship

Click on photo's


All of our latest castles are red and blue and are new and replaced every 6 months to keep them clean and fresh.

We now put Banners on the front towers with whatever branding you would like (obviously as long as we have it) or you can have it just plain.


These castles are simply the best in the area!

Put our new 12x12's side by side to most other hirers 12x12's in the area and ours will dwarf them.


We now hire all our Castles overnight for a small extra charge.


The 15'x15' PartyTime All Ages Castles are the only ones that we have that are suitable for adults AND children so please do not book the smaller castles if they are intended for use by anyone over the age of 13.

The PartyTime 15'x15' (18x15) and PartyTime 12'x12's castles all have sewn on weather covers which make them ideal for outdoors when the weather looks a bit dodgy but they may be slightly dark when indoors (but kids always love caves!).

The PartyTime Indoors (12'x12') don't have weather covers so they're very good to have indoors due to the top being fully open.

Our 15ft Inflatable Slide can be hired unsupervised and is still covered by our PLI whereas the 20ft Inflatable Slide is only covered by our Insurance if you have one of our Supervisors.

If required we can supply a uniformed supervisor . They will supervise all activity on the Inflatable and can also take very young children or baby's on to the Inflatable on behalf of the parents.

Many venues insist on seeing a Certificate of Insurance, PiPA or PAT Certificates so please let us know if we need to show ours and we will be happy to do so.

We cannot put the castles on shingle, stone or gravel for safety reasons nor would we place a castle in an area that has not been cleaned of any animal 'poo'.

We reserve the right to refuse hire of our equipment if they are to be situated on what we consider to be an unsuitable site.

Please make sure that access for the castles is completely clear and at least 3 and a half foot wide. We will not clear the way for you but we will wait while you clear it (obviously during busy days we can't wait more than 10 minutes but we can come back later once the area is cleared)..

NB. We will not hire to any hirer who wishes the equipment to be on public or communal areas unless it is for an organised fete, carnival etc. and they have permission off the landowner or council that they can provide proof of for us to see.


All our castles are all fully PiPa ( and RPII tested and tagged which means that they conform fully to British Health & Safety Standards.

Ask about the  PiPA Scheme

Our children's Inflatables are only suitable for children up to the age of 12 (height and weight restrictions apply on all children's castles).


All prices are subject to 20% VAT

12'x12' Children's Bouncy Castle with changeable Tower Artwork
15'x18' All Ages Bouncy Castle with changeable Tower Artwork

12'x12' Children's Castle with Interchangeable Tower Artwork

15'x18' All Ages Castle with Interchangeable Tower Artwork

12'x16' Castle/Slide with UK Flag Banners 15' x 15' Pirate Castle

15' x' 15' Pirate Castle

Removable Banners on our 12'x16' Children's Castle/Slides as well as our PTL Bouncy Castles.

20ft Slide Inflateable Slide    14x28x15

20ft Slide (15ft Sliding Platform)

15ft Slide (10ft Sliding Platform)

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