Double Bungee Run

Are you competitive?

You will be if you have a go at the Double Bungee Run!

Attach the belt around your waist and then on your marks, get set, GO.....

Run as fast as you can while carrying your velcro disc and then when you think you're as far as you can possibly get put your disc on the black strip on the middle wall.

Oh, and just at that point the bungee rope will pull you backwards to remind you where you started!

This is a great inflatable to have at a party, fete or corporate event and everyone will just keep coming back time and again.

Even if you don't have a go it's great to watch and causes much amusement as you watch the competitors struggle to get as far as possible but then at the last minute fly backwards.

This is suitable for anyone aged 6 upwards. Younger kids or anyone who is very light won't be able to get very far down the lane but they love it when they fly back.

It's just fantastic fun.

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Velcro Bar Fly

Put on a Velcro suit and then splat yourself on the inflatable wall!!

Easier said than done!

The Velcro Bar Fly's suits are completely covered in Velcro so that whether you land on your front or back you should hopefully stick to the wall.

Most people need quite a few practice runs at it before they manage to get a good height, especially if you're trying to 'splat' on your front as you naturally put your hands up to stop your face hitting the 'wall'.

If you have our supervisor's then one of them will stand on the Velcro Bar Fly so that when you jump they can help you 'splat' better.

Obviously this is based on weight so if you're a very big person then you would probably find it much more difficult to stay attached to the wall than a small child weighing 5 stone!

There is a definite knack on getting a really good 'high bounce' to stick yourself to the wall!! And that's when we get the 'no, no, just one more go and I'll get really high this time!'

This is an addictive game and loads of fun, just don't annoy the person who's helping you to stick to the wall otherwise they may just walk away and leave you there!!!!!!


NB. Neither of these items are covered by our Insurance without our Supervisors.


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Brand new Bungee Run Manufactured by Partytime Leisure

Bungee Run indoors

Some people just get a little too competitive against their parents.

Get your disc on the wall before it's too late, and weeeee  let's see what the back wall looks like close up!!

Oh, could he have been beaten at last??  Nope, he still got further just after this was taken!! Even little one's can have a go at this.  They may not get very far, but at least they've had a go!!
Our brand new Barfly Splat yourself on the wall as high as you can!
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