Casino Tables

Black Jack or Poker & Roulette

Supplied with Gaming Chips for fun purposes only.

A fully trained Croupier is with each Casino Table.

Each table is manned by a fully trained Croupier for 3 hours.


Fun Casino Tables are perfect if you want something different at your Wedding, Christmas Party or 'Works Night Out' or indeed anything that you can think of day, evening or night.

Even non-gamblers like these Casino Tables because nobody loses their own money.

The Gaming Chips can be used just for fun or once you have a certain amount they could be cashed in for drink or food (that you have provided) vouchers or used at the bar.

Hours of entertainment that make a very good night even more memorable.


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Roulette Poker
Place your bets on the Blackjack table.
Don't drink too much or you get dizzy watching the ball go around the Roulette wheel.
Wait for the Croupier to deal another card to see if you win.
Both tables being played at the same time.  What a great night.
Put your head in your hands as the Croupier takes your final tokens off you.  LOL
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