Crazy Cottage


The Crazy Cottage is a lovely eye-catching Inflatable with great art-work both inside and out.

It has two rooms and the smaller of the two (which is on the left as you go in) can even have 1000 in it if you fancy having a Ball Pond as well a a Bouncy Castle

The Cottage measures approximately 15' x 20' and is around 16' high so it's a very impressive Inflatable whether it's in a garden or at a Family Fun Day.

The Cottage is suitable for children aged 12 and under.



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A lovely eye-catching Inflatable with great art work.
Looking through the 'front door' to the left is the 'smaller room' where you can put 1000 balls.
Looking through the 'front door' straight to the back of the cottage you'll see a welcoming fireplace.
From the right hand room you can look into the smaller room. Looking through the 'doorway' from the smaller room at the front of the right hand larger room.
The artwork in the smaller room.
Looking again through the 'front door' to the right hand wall .
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