Garden & Party Games

If you want your event to have an extra edition that you don't just have in the toy cupboard then why not hire some of our Garden/Party Games?

Giant Buzzer

Giant Buzzer

Can you get around the hand without setting the buzzer off 3 times? It's a race against time (and the constant heartbeat that you can hear) to keep a steady hand and get to the finish (those of a nervous disposition best not try!!).


Giant Jenga

The Giant Connect 4 and Giant Jenga are very popular with both kids and adults and adults can take advantage while they're having a rest from the Sumo's to brush up on their 'gaming' skills.

The Giant Jenga has 58 pieces which are made from solid wood. It starts off at a height of around two and a half foot and can reach up to five foot six inches or maybe even higher!!!

Just carefully pull one piece out of anywhere on the tower and place it on the top then let the next person try, just keep going for as long as you can. If it topples over on their turn then they lose.

It's up to your skill to see how high you can build the tower before it topples over.


Giant Connect 4

The Giant Connect 4 is made of high quality durable plastic in lovely bright colours which are a great attraction to everyone.

Make a 'four in a row' either vertically, horizontally or diagonally and you win, easier said than done when you're looking at your own colours and forget to look at your opponents!!

This is a fabulous game that everyone loves and it keeps on getting played right till the end of an event, even if it's just so 'you get to beat the 4 year old at least once!!'.



The Wobbler is one of our favourite games. Not only do you need good balance but also a lot of patience to try and get the balls in the holes or around the maze.

Everyone loves the Wobbler as the kids think they're great fun and adults just remember how frustrating it was just to try and get little ball bearings into holes just using your hand never mind your feet!

If you remember the little hand held games then you know exactly what you have to do. Just move the Wobbler with your feet until all three balls are in the holes or get one ball around the maze in to the middle without cheating and making it jump the walls!

It's all easier said than done, especially for adults who haven't had to balance on anything since they were 6 years old!!

Can you keep you're balance?

Have a go and see whether you have to hold on to the nearest wall or if you can actually do with your feet what you probably couldn't do with your hand!!!!!



The Stocks are a must for any Fete, Summer Fair or Family Fun Day, well, basically any event where you want to throw water soaked sponges at somebody and it's all for 'fun'!

Especially good for Charity Events, this is a favourite for Comic Relief or Children In Need.

They're also a fantastic idea for anywhere where you have a 'boss' as they have to join in and can't really go mad at anyone for having 'fun' can they!!

Put your head and hands in the stocks and put the top down! That's it, you can't move unless somebody helps you out. The next step is seeing your family, friends or work colleagues all standing in front of you waiting to throw all those sponges with cold water in them!!!!!!

Hmmm, was this such a good idea!?!

Not for the person with their head in the Stocks it wasn't!!!

(Don't worry, we supply the bucket and sponges but you'll have to supply the water)


Table Football (Foosball)

Well what can you say about 'Table Football'!!

Every adult at some point in their lives has played Foosball whether on a full size table similar to the one that we have or a small 'kiddies' table that their mate got for Christmas.

Even if you don't like football you'll have a go on this table and suddenly become the most competitive 'footballer' ever.

The official rules don't allow 'spins' but try telling someone that when they're shouting about the goal that you've just scored and you must have cheated because 'they never lose at Foosball'!!

This is a 'free play' table so nobody has to put any money in it to play. The only problem is trying to get the players off who just need to play their 16th game to decide who the overall champions of Foosball are!!!!!!!!!


We also have Giant Snakes & Ladders,


Giant Chess,

On Target Frisbie


& Giant Draughts

which will give any party that extra bit of fun for all ages.


All prices are subject to 20% VAT


Giant Jenga   Keep it going, steady but sure!
Wow, how high can you go? You lose!!!!
Giant Connect 4   Hmmm, who will win?  Get 4 in a row, easier said than done.
Can the 4 year old beat her Grandma?? Hurray, Grandma wins but now she's got to put up with a sulking 4 year old!!!
Wobbler   Wobbler    £15 per hire
Easier said than done!! Can you get the ball to the middle or will you fall off the Wobbler!
The Stocks   Quick, where's the water & sponges!!!
Foosball   Oh Referee, Offside!!!
Let's see how good you are without spinning those players! Oh yes, and the winner is!!  Some people are just too competitive!!
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