Gladiator Duel &

Bouncy Boxing

Amir Khan with PartyTime Leisure's Bouncy Boxing

Amir Khan in front of our Bouncy Boxing and wearing our boxing gloves at the party for his brother Haroon Khan to celebrate his Commonwealth Games win.

These fantastic games are suitable for anyone over 8 years of age.

It's up to you whether you want to think of yourself as a Roman Gladiator in Italy and imagine that you're in a fight to the death or if you just think that you're on a TV show from the 90's posing in front of Ulrika Johnson or John Fashanu!

Or maybe it's the thought of going up against Mike Tyson and giving him a swipe with those massive boxing gloves before he gets too close and bites your ear off that you fancy!!!


The Gladiator Duel

Whether you're young or old, big or small, if you can climb on to the podium then you can knock someone off!

Using the large padded 'battering rams' the aim of the game is to knock each other off the podiums and the winner is the person who can stay on!! Easier said than done when someone is swinging a solid, padded 'cushion' at you.

You can never tell the outcome of this game as we have seen many times. We have seen the oldest at an event beat all the younger contestants and sometimes children genuinely beating adults!


The Bouncy Boxing



Once you've climbed into the ring and put on the gloves you'll feel like you can hit anything, but then your opponent gets into the ring and you'll realise that they can do exactly the same!

Seeing those massive gloves coming towards you certainly makes you bounce around but that's where it gets even funnier than just wearing the gloves.

Take too big a swing and you're flat on your back, too small and you've just lost your round!

Trying to get an even balance between the bounce, the swing and the duck keeps everyone laughing and the opponents sweating.

These games are a must for any event or party and everyone will want to have a go.


Can you meet the challenge?


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Our brand new Gladiator Duel, manufactured by Partytime Leisure Put 'em up!!!
Be prepared or be battered! Oooommpphhhhh!!!!!!
Ooohhh, and the winner is!!!! Down but not out!
And the girls can do just as well. The Winner!!!
Don't argue with a girl when she's got a weapon in her hand!!! Bouncy Boxing   15'x15'
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