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Hangar 51


Hangar 51 - The Arena

This brilliant Inflatable Mobile Laser Tag Arena is practically pitch black inside so all you can see are the lights on the guns.

Ten players have 5 minutes of game time to either score as high as they possibly can without being shot themselves or split in to two teams and have a full blown battle! Of course you also have to try and avoid running in to the other players as you run around the alien maze.

This is a non-contact game (you are firing a harmless laser at your opponents gun) and it can be played by any age no matter how big or small, male or female.

The Mobile Laser Tag Game is suitable for all weathers and looks like a giant space station. It stands 7ft high (without Bob the Alien) and needs an area of approximately 45' x 55' to be set up. It's a highly impressive structure once inflated.


Fully Manned for 4 Hours


If it's Corporate Entertainment or Team Building that you're after then a laser game is a definite must. Superb for getting two teams working together and, as the games can be very fast and furious, a large company's work force wouldn't have to wait too long before it's their turn.


Mini Pod

We now also have a smaller version of the Hangar 51 that can fit in to large gardens.

At 16 foot wide and 25 long this smaller version of the very popular Hangar 51 can easily fit in to large gardens or smaller indoor/outdoor venues.

Using the same laser guns as the larger version, up to 6 people at a time can play in the Mini Pod whether as a complete free-for-all or in teams.

Fully Manned for 4 Hours


So if you want something completely different then our laser games are definitely for you.


NB. Hangar 51 is heavy and bulky and therefore cannot go up or down stairs and we must have direct access with our vehicle to the area where it is to be set up

Please note that these games are NOT suitable for anyone that has a fear of the dark.

The photo's that were taken inside the arena's were taken using a flash. It is much darker when you are playing the game.


All prices are subject to 20% VAT


Eager players - armed and ready!

10 Laser Guns all ready and waiting.

Last chance to turn back before you enter the darkness!

Entering Hangar 51 - prepare to fight!
It's dark enough that you never know who is behind you!!! It's bigger than you think inside - and this is only looking down one section!
Run or Shoot - the decision is yours?!? Finally - get your scores - who is Top Gun?
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