Human Table Football

If you've ever played Foosball then you'll know how addictive Table Football is. Well now we have Inflatable Human Table Football!

All you need to do is put the belt around your waist, fasten the velcro and start playing football.

The only difference is that you can only move left and right along the line that you're attached to and just a short distance forward and backwards.

Even if you don't like playing or watching football this is a great game as you see the 'Saturday David Beckham's' unable to do their usual tactics and getting frustrated because their mum has just scored the first goal!

Our tip when playing Human Table Football is to swap the players around every 5 or 10 minutes so that every one gets a go in goal but, and this is the most important, if you kick the ball out of the 'pitch' then you have to go and get it!! It's amazing how everyone keeps the ball inside after running after it a couple of times!

Obviously the more players you have the better.

Get kids against adults, mum's against dad's, Stag's against Hen's or even weekend footballer's against their nan's. No matter how you play Human Table Football it's great fun and you'll come back for more

BUT, if you're only going to watch then make sure you do one thing.....

tell them to go and get their own ball!!!

Up to 10 Players Human Table Football with straps is approximately 25' x 50' -

Up to 16 Players Human Table Football with bars is approximately 25' x 60' -


Local to us - FREE
Not Local (8 miles & over) - there will be a charge according to the distance


All prices are subject to 20% VAT


VAT Reg No: 922 6964 04

Human Table Football

6 players and there's someone on each line.

Can he get the ball past the girly?  He can't do any fancy running around so can only hope she doesn't get it off him!!!

The overall size of the pitch is 25' x 50'.

8 players makes it much more fun but that's not a very nice way to treat your mum!!! The Winners.  It's only a game, honest, we're not taking this seriously in the slightest!!  Woo Hoo, we won!!!
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