Mini Karts

Well what can we say about the Mini Karts!!

You'll be amazed at them from the moment a child gets on one and starts moving.

There are no pedals, no batteries, no fuel and no electrics!!

The kids don't care how they move but every adult so far has said 'wow, how does that work!!'.

Not only will the kids not want to get off them but you'll probably have difficulty getting the adults off too!!

Ideal for indoors especially as you can't take chances with the British weather!!!!!

All you do is sit astride the Kart with both feet on the footrests and both hands on the steering 'wheel'. Turn the wheel from left to right and the Kart with move forwards. To move faster lean slightly forward over the steering wheel and use your whole upper body when you turn the steering wheel and not just your arms. To go backwards just turn the wheel a full 180 degrees and do the same as if you were going forwards.

The maximum speed on smooth level ground should be approximately 6 miles per hour (normally 3-4 miles per hour).

The Mini Karts works best when used on smooth flat surfaces such as wooden, tiled or linoleum covered floors or outside on concrete, tarmac or (flat) paved paths.

Ideal for use in a play area in the home, in the garden or driveway or at a recreation centre, village hall, community centre or school.

The Mini Karts are not suitable for grassy or muddy areas or on thick carpet.

The Karts can take a weight up to 17stone so are perfectly suitable for 'big' kids as well as little ones.

All child riders, especially those under the age of 5, should be supervised by an adult when riding the Karts

The Karts SHOULD NOT be ridden on a public roadway or anywhere where real traffic and normal cars, buses, lorries and motor bikes operate.

The Karts should not be ridden or raced on steep slopes or uneven and rough surfaces.

Seating Position: Always sit on the seating area facing forwards. Sit closer to the steering wheel than the back of the car to remove any possible risk of a fall backwards off the Kart.


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Our excellent Mini Karts No pedals, electric, fuel or batteries - just pure kiddie power.
Girls as well as boys just love the Mini Karts. This little boy is only 2 and we couldn't keep him off it.
Well sometimes the boys just want to play with the toys!!   lol No matter what age, we just can't keep anyone off the Mini Karts.
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