Popcorn, Candy Floss, Nacho's,

Pick & Mix Bar, Sherbet Carousel

and Ice Cream Handcart


We can supply just the machine

Popcorn Stand with no Supervisor


Or we can supply our trained staff to serve for you

Our Supervisors can either be in yellow PTL T-shirts, all black or black trousers and a top that you supply.Our Supervisors can either be in yellow PTL T-shirts, all black or black trousers and a top that you supply.



'Everyone loves Nacho's with warm spicy cheese or cool salsa!

Nacho Warmer Nacho Cheese Salsa

'Our fantastic Nacho Warmer and Spicy Cheese Warmer or Spicy Tomato Salsa are excellent value and are a great change to the usual 'fun foods'.

We can supply 150 triangle trays with dip compartments, for 150 guests with 75 portions of cheese and 75 portions of salsa.

Nacho Trays

Please ask for details if you require more 'portions'.


Pick & Mix Bar

Pick and mix, cinema experience

'Bring the Cinema experience to your event'

Our 'Pick & Mix bar' is exactly what you get at a cinema.

Fully loaded with 50kilos of your favourite yummy sweets it's a perfect attraction to get noticed.

Pick and Mix, sweets


Sherbet Carousel

'a novel and fun item'

The Sherbet Carousel Enjoying and mixing the different sherbet flavours Fill your tube with different colours and flavours


Fill a tubeful of colorful and fun sherbet, mix and match the flavours/colours.

With a choice of 12 flavours in sweet or sour you'll keep coming back for more but will you find the one that turns your mouth blue!!!!

The finished masterpiece, now to eat it.

Perfect for kids, students and adults alike!


Ice Cream Handcart

Ice cream stall

'a traditional handcart, serving quality ice-cream'

This fantastic item will please all your guests.

All locally produced quality ice cream, traditional cornets and syrup on top.

Hand served by our trained operator.

fresh cones



Popcorn Stall Candy Floss Stall

Or for that extra special look we can supply our Side Stalls


All prices are subject to 20% VAT


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