Soft Play

Puzzle Box

We never knew kids could have so much fun with different soft shapes until we got this Soft Play Puzzle Box.

It arrived just in time for our son's Birthday Party so we used it for the first time then.

It's a fabulous item for Tot's Clubs, Nursery's, Schools and private parties.

Whether they try to build with them, just lay on them or jump all over them all the kids will love the soft play puzzle box.

And by the end of the day the adults will probably want to lay on them as well!!!


As an add on to the Soft Play box we now also have our Soft Play Animals.

Soft Play Animals

The animals can only be hired as an 'add on' to the Soft Play box.


All prices are subject to 20% VAT




Rubber Lego

Brand new to the UK

These blocks are brand new to the UK

Very big and very safe large Lego type bricks

Amazing fun for the budding builder's or demolition experts

Soft Play Puzzle Box

Comfy enough to just sit with your cousin and eat Popcorn.

Zakk and his friend Sam had a wonderful time on the shapes.

Build them, lay on them or jump on them.

Zakk liked the shapes so much that he watched everyone from the middle of it. You'll be amazed at how the shapes keep the kids entertained.
Rocking Fox Sliding Dinosaur
Wrestling Crocodile See-Saw Gorilla
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