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Whether it's for charity or to wrestle you can't help but smile when you see this pair. Santa Claus vs Father Christmas - who will deliver their presents ready for Christmas Day!

Father Christmas and Santa Claus are both delivering their presents but now they've come face to face!!

Who will win and get the children's presents out in time before Christmas morning?


Our suits are easily placed over your head and then lowered down so that only your head, hands and feet (unless you are very tall) are visible. You then have a 'hat', which protects your head, which is fastened with tough Velcro under the chin. You then have a chance to 'fight' on a 2 inch thick, 11 foot by 11 foot mat.

The 'suits' can be used for so many things that we have been amazed at some of the requests that we have had when they have been hired.

Obviously there are the usual: kids and adults parties, fetes, open days and garden parties, pub fun nights, Stag and Hen nights and even the Weddings. We have also hired them out for presentations that have been held in clubs (football, rugby etc.), business openings and even just one suit for a lady to sing in for charity!

The Boxing Kangaroo's (in fact the very suits that we have) were used for 'This Morning' for their Kangaroo Court where people settled arguments by fighting each other and the winner of the argument was whoever won the fight.

Press Play to see the Sky Sports clip which has our Kangaroo's in the background

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Our Sumo Suits were also on BBC's 'The Incredible Mr Fix It' and were used to settle a dispute between an Employer and Employee (not the ideal way of course!!) and have also been in Hollyoaks.

In July '05 we were very pleased that a set of our very own Sumo Suits were used in an advert on MUTV and Sky Sports to promote the visit to Japan by Manchester United.

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We are happy to travel anywhere (for an extra mileage fee of course) and we can also supply a uniformed Referee to help your time with our 'suits' be a bit more organised or competitive.

The children's suits are suitable for anyone from around 3 foot (but they may have to be helped to walk) to 5 foot (we have had a 53 year old lady in a kids suit as she was only 4 foot 11 inches!).

The adult suits are suitable for anyone from 5 foot upwards.

NB. We only have junior size Super Hero's and Sumo Suits.


All prices are subject to 20% VAT


Local to us - FREE
Not Local (8 miles & over) - there will be a charge according to the distance


Adult Sumo This lady sang 'Do You Think I'm Sexy' for Charity.
Just 3 of our Sumo family. Kids Sumo's
Adult Super Hero's  Junior Super Hero's
Batman v Superman - who will win? The Hulk v Spiderman - place your bets!
Adult Kangaroo's Hmmm....   Kangaroo Suit, hat, gloves and feet!!!  You won't be able to run away with all that on!!!
POW!!!  What a punch!  Don't get too close otherwise you'll get that Kangaroo nose in your eye! After all that boxing don't forget the hug, it'll be well deserved.
Fat Slag Suits
Chicken Suits

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